Utilities Review

A major component of the Meridian advantage to customers is our perspective on Utilities cost management. Our unique ability to combine datasets (e.g. information obtained during a Payables Review and Utilities Data) enable us to provide you with absolute control and cost advantages.

Working with trusted and experienced partners, Meridian Utilities Cost Review offers a detailed billing review across all Utilities expenditure.

From an analysis of your billing, our report will report on a wide range of potential opportunities, including:

  • Rebates due to incorrect supplier billing
  • Cost savings without changing supplier(s) – tariff related
  • Cost savings without changing supplier(s) – management related
  • Verification of potential additional savings through change of supplier


Although designed to provide an assurance of correct billing, in our experience utilities billing is a ‘challenging’ area for customers and suppliers alike and our detailed analysis and summaries help to bring some extra clarity.

Identified errors have enabled us to recover sums in excess of £300,000 on several occasions.

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