Water Review

We can audit all water related charges, with the aim of identifying and providing savings and refunds through the validation of current charging structures, along with ensuring costs are accurate, appropriate and structured in your best interests. Meridian would like to offer this service in association with our trade partner who have 25 years’ experience in water audit consultancy work.

The audit is built on the foundation of site surveys and the principle of investigating every possible issue and producing the maximum return for clients. It is not a desk- based exercise.

The scope of our audit includes, but is not limited to, the investigation of:

  • Surface water charges
  • Property and Roads Drainage Charges
  • Non-Return allowances
  • Apportionment of charges
  • Fixed charges
  • Volume related charges
  • Rateable Value Charges
  • Possible Shared and duplicate Supply
  • Identification of Duplicate Charges / Overestimated billing
  • Confirmation of correct meter sizing
  • Potential for water efficiency devices
  • Identification of leakage: leak detection and repair
  • Investigation of Trade Effluent charges


In addition, we have significant experience and success in dispute resolution and the reduction of historic liabilities.

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